Disney’s Accelerator Program to Develop AR, NFT and AI Experiences

Walt Disney has chosen six companies to participate in its Accelerator Program, a business development program designed to accelerate the growth of innovative companies from all around the world.

Participants in this year’s program include FlickPlay, a social-media app that lets users unlock non-fungible tokens tied to real world locations; Obsess, which helps brands create 3D virtual stores on their websites; and Red 6, which makes a headset that can be used to tap artificial reality experiences in active, outdoor settings. Other companies include Inworld, Lockerverse and Polygon.

As mentioned above, Disney is focusing on the Metaverse, as all 6 companies involve immersive experiences and technologies. It will provide the chosen companies with capital, work space at its offices and access to executives and business opportunities. 

Previous participants in Disney’s program, which was launched in 2014, have included Epic Games, maker of the Fortnite game and the Unreal Engine computer graphics tool.


source: https://www.unlock-bc.com/89122/disneys-accelerator-program-to-develop-ar-nft-and-ai-experiences/