HopeNFT Launch

We are happy to announce that the HopeNFT program was successfully launched at the Fringe Club, thanks to every participant and the contribution will turn into the power of hope in the world!

Initiated by iSHANG and BSSI, HopeNFT is an non-profit initiative supporting passionate individuals and project owners on their SDG and social-good projects, by leveraging NFT & Web3 technologies. HopeNFT facilitate re-distribution of valuable social resources through decentralization & inclusion model, bringing automation and more transparency to fundraising process with higher efficiency and global scalability.

HopeNFT Co-Founders
Mr. Samson (Sam) Lee Co-founder of HopeNFT, Founder & CEO at iSHANG & Coinstreet
Dr. Shirley Yeung, Young Asian Artist YAA SYart Yeung Co-founder of HopeNFT, Asia Ambassador at UNSDSN-KENYA, ICENECDEV UN Global Compact Member, Chair of Community Education at ICENECDEV and Head of School of Business at Gratia Christian College
Mr. Folen Yeung Co-founder of HopeNFT, Chairman & Managing Director at Presentation Limited, Founder & Director at K-POCKET LIMITED

Delighted to endorse by
Dr. Milenko Gudic Chair at UNPRME Anti Poverty Working Group
Ms. Doris Fong Head of Creative Industries at Invest Hong Kong
Ms. Lucie Petit Ambassador at HopeNFT, Founder of HK MODEL CAMP, and Role Model at Inspiring Girls Hong Kong
Ms. Song Yang Founder of Song Yang Art

To learn more or join as member of HopeNFT program, please join and follow us by below links: Official Website: www.HopeNFT.org HopeNFT Launch event details : HopeNFT’s Post