Launching “STO Friday” by Signum Digital

STO FRIDAY, initiated by Signum Digital*, is an exclusive RSVP-Only event dedicated to insightful sharing of the promising world of Security Token Offerings (STOs) that is backed by Real World Assets (RWA). Through informative presentations and interactive discussions on relaxing Friday, we aim to highlight the benefits that STOs can offer to both issuers and investors;

Hosted by industry experts and professionals, STO FRIDAY is offered in 2 streams:

  1. ISSUER Stream – empowering issuers to learn about the latest developments and alternate fundraising opportunities in the global STO landscape, and
  2. INVESTOR Stream – opening exclusive and unique investment opportunities to diverse range of STO available to professional investors.


  1. What is STO and types of digital assets out there?
  2. What is the current development of STOs globally the relevant rules & requirements?
  3. Opportunities of STOs & their benefits to Issuer, Investors and the market as a whole
  4. How our STO Portal work and subscription requirements & process?

*Signum Digital Limited is a Type-1 license corporation having obtained the approval-in-principle from the SC for operating a fully compliant STO Portal under the “CS-PRO” brand. CS-PRO offers STO from a wide array of WA ranging from private equities, debts, income bearing notes, real estate, investment funds, commodities, and fixed assets, capital equipment, to carbon credits, arts & collectibles and other alternative investment assets.

For STO Friday event details: Vantage Capital Markets’ Post