Linktree comes to NFT trading based on OpenSea

TL;DR Breakdown• Linktree Company would venture into the non-fungible space
• Web platform joins Instagram and Spotify in NFT trading

Recently social network, Linktree, reported on its new developments involving the crypto industry. According to reports, the website seeks to navigate the NFT market to promote a sense of ownership among its users.

The managers at Linktree, Anthony and Alex Zaccaria, as its main developers, would be about to launch an extension to NFTs linked to the OpenSea virtual auction house. It is good to know that the non-fungible market has been developing in recent months, being adopted by great movie stars, artists, and athletes, among other celebrities.

Linktree joins the NFT space


The virtual auction industry seems to receive a new promoter. Linktree will launch its gallery extension for non-fungible tokens. According to reports, the extension will allow users to include their URL address available in OpenSea and thus advertise the virtual collection. In turn, each fan will be able to associate his account in Metamask, with which it will be possible to verify that the owner’s pieces are his authority.

Each client on the website will have the opportunity to link their Metamask account, include six non-fungible pieces and display them in their profile. Non-fungible enthusiasts will be able to view the virtual pieces and have direct access to purchases within OpenSea.

Another detail that the website will include is that its users will be able to use the virtual pieces as profile pictures and even as personal backgrounds. Linktree is expected to take a similar picture to the one Twitter integrated into its adoption by the NFT market to highlight virtual pieces of authority available for sale.

Linktree into the non-fungible token industry


The Linktree details and its foray into the NFT market are interesting as the website will show an NFT lock option. This will be possible by the Smart contracts that the fans will have after publishing the NFTs.

Zaccaria Alex said this renewal would allow Linktree to get involved with the new technology. Zaccaria wants the website to become a technology distributor, grow as a community, and provide useful tools for developers in this category.

Curiously, the announcement of the social network comes when other companies, such as Spotify, decide to adopt the NFT technology. The social network giant Instagram would also create its panorama towards the non-fungible market to not miss out on the trend.

Linktree currently receives around 1,000,000 each month and reports at least 24,000,000 profiles between global brands and artists. The company is the right space for non-fungible commerce for many technology experts.

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