Meta Unveils New Inclusive Metaverse Avatar Customization & Halloween Looks

Meta’s latest update, Meta Quest v57, brings inclusive avatar customization options and Halloween-themed looks to the metaverse, emphasizing digital identity and representation in the virtual world.

Meta recently unveiled its latest update, Meta Quest v57, bringing significant changes to the metaverse and introducing new avatar customization options, including Halloween-themed outfits.

The update includes changes for both the virtual reality (VR) experience and the Meta Quest mobile app and headset. Notably, a new “Unsend message” feature has been added to the chat function, allowing users to delete sent messages, similar to WhatsApp’s functionality.

However, the standout feature of this update is the focus on avatar customization. Meta emphasizes the importance of inclusivity in the digital world, aiming to ensure that every individual feels accurately represented by their virtual avatar.

To achieve this goal, Meta has expanded the options for avatars, introducing a wider range of hair colors, skin tones (including undertones), and cosmetics choices.

Inclusivity also extends to the realm of festivities, with Halloween-themed avatar customization options. These additions include unique skin colors like purple and two-toned hair colors, empowering users to personalize their avatars for the holiday.

Meta Avatars are compatible with Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, and the Meta Quest Platform, allowing users to showcase their avatars across various platforms.

Meta reports that over a billion Meta Avatars have been created to date, highlighting the growing importance of virtual representations in the digital world.

Recognizing this growing trend, many brands are embracing avatar customization. For example, Microsoft Teams has introduced Mesh avatars, enabling users to create animated avatars that reflect their real selves and use them to take part in online meetings.

In 2022, Clinique launched its “Metaverse More Like Us” NFT campaign, offering a diverse collection of avatars to combat the lack of diversity and marginalization in the metaverse.

Source: Cryptoflies