Sygnum first Swiss bank to open metaverse hub

Sygnum announces the opening of the first metaverse hub by a Swiss bank in the virtual equivalent of New York’s Times Square. The Decentraland hub is Sygnum’s Web3 portal to the emerging USD 5tn metaverse economy, and features a CryptoPunk receptionist, interactive NFT gallery and event space.

Sygnum officially launches its Decentraland metaverse hub with a livestream event on 27 September 2022 at 11am CET. To attend the public event, visitors only need to click here to be teleported directly into the Sygnum hub. No specialised software or instruction is required, with entry only taking a few moments.


The metaverse – home to a future USD 5tn crypto-powered economy


The metaverse is an always-on interactive 3D world built on open blockchain technology that allows users to socialise, play games, work and earn, shop and develop new skills. As personal digital, physical, financial and social worlds become increasingly linked by connected devices, the demand for enhanced user experiences also continue to rise. The metaverse has the potential to deliver these enhanced experiences and reach a value of USD 5tn by 2030, according to McKinsey research.

Decentraland is the first and largest metaverse which leverages a crypto called MANA to facilitate gaming and the purchase of virtual land, goods and services in the space. Sygnum’s three storey hub is located in the virtual equivalent of New York’s Times Square. Users’ avatars can learn about Sygnum in the Crypto Garden and experience Sygnum’s vision of Future Finance in action throughout the three-storey complex. Areas include the SYGN lounge with a CryptoPunk receptionist, an interactive NFT gallery featuring curated exhibitions from Sygnum, its clients and leading creators, plus an exhibition hall for events and launches.


Sygnum – a crypto-native financial institution in the metaverse


Sygnum believes that the metaverse, enabled by Web3 technologies, is evolving into the next iteration of the internet. Rooted in Swiss and Singapore heritage, Sygnum has also been an active, crypto-native member of the Web3 community since its inception, with projects including:

  • Tokenizing a blue-chip NFT, Cryptopunk #6808
  • Developing products, including regulated Ethereum staking, on open blockchains
  • Regulated trading and asset management products for Decentralised Finance (DeFi) applications
  • Membership of the governance council of Klaytn, Asia’s leading crypto blockchain and regional
    leader for gaming, metaverse and the creator economy
  • Providing computing power for DFINITY’s Internet Computer (ICP)

“Metaverse investment is ramping up, powered by crypto-enabled retail transactions and a new generation of users completely at home with socialising, shopping and working in virtual spaces. Our new metaverse hub is the natural place to showcase Sygnum’s Web3 innovations and provide a trusted entry point for investors into the fast-growing Future Finance economy”, says Martin Burgherr, Sygnum Chief Clients Officer.“