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Founded in 2017, Coinstreet is an award-winning financial services and professional consulting firm focused in the Digital Asset sector. Coinstreet offers innovative fintech services, and business and operation solutions, covering four key business segments including:

  • Tokenization Business
    Digitized Securities & Security Tokens (STO)
  • Asset Management
    Custodian, DeFi, Investment Funds
  • WEB3. Metaverse & Utility Tokens
    NFT, Stablecoin, Loyalty Tokens
  • Ecosystem Development
    Education, Awards, PR, Events, Marketing

In August 2023, our subsidary, Signum Digital, has received official license from Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (“SFC”) for its security token offering and subscription platform. This is the first of its kind in Hong Kong.

In Feb 2021, Coinstreet has announced initiative on Digital Asset Exchange for secondary market in US market, through joint venture collaboration with Document Security Systems, Inc. (NYSE : DSS) and GSX Group (owner and operator of Gibraltar Stock Exchange).

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STO Distribution

Security Token (“ST”) is a virtual asset, a financial instrument represented in tokenized form and being transacted and settled on the distributed ledger technology network. ST is emerging as an innovative way to facilitate capital raising and investment in businesses and projects. Security Token Offerings (“STO”) typically refer to initial offerings (not including secondary trading) of new securities tokens utilizing blockchain technology.

As one of the core businesses under Coinstreet group, CSpro’s vision is to create new and alternate ways for companies to raise capital through the issuance of ST, as well provide a means for Professional Investors (“PI”) to subscribe to and invest in ST. CSpro provides primary market brokerage and distribution of security tokens to professional investors.

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Web3 Solutions

iSHANG operates a “Web3-as-a-Service” (W3aaS) platform that provides the infrastructure and a gateway for brands & enterprises to enter into the Web3 market in a timely & cost-efficient way.

In addition, iSHANG also offers one-stop consulting services empowering mainstream brands and enterprises to transform their businesses and enable them to offer revolutionary ways for brand engagement, customer acquisition & retention.

  • Web3-as-a-Service Platform (W3aaS)
    10+ turnkey decentralized services & applications that is built on Ethereum and Polygon blockchain using IPFS (Inter Planetary Filing System) decentralized storage system.
  • Web3 Campaign Launchpad and Marketplace
    Peer-to-peer NFT and dApp marketplace that is designed for unique, exclusive and fully vetted NFTs and dApps, facilitates the promotion, initial distribution & secondary trading.
  • Tailor-Made Web3 Campaign Management
    Launchpad for launching tailor-made Web3 marketing campaigns in various use-cases and capitalize new market opportunities.

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Industry Awards

The Tokenized Assets & Digital Securities Awards (“TADS Awards”) is the world’s first annual international awards for Tokenized Assets & Digital Securities sector. It celebrates this industry by recognizing and honoring significant contributions and distinguished achievements worldwide. Hosted annually, the TADS Awards brings together individuals and businesses to share the energy that tokenization brings to the financial sector.

TADS Awards also aims to nurture the growth of these specific industries by jointly establishing “best practices” and setting “measuring standards” for high-quality tokenized assets and digitized securities, together with other industry leaders on the global market.

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Initiated and sponsored by the TADS Awards, the world’s first international awards for Tokenized Assets & Digitized Securities (TADS) inaugurated in 2020, Digital Asset Series (DAS) is a series of educational seminars delivered by industry leaders and practitioners, legal and consulting professionals, regulators, and academic scholars from Fintech ecosystem in Hong Kong.

The objective of DAS is to educate the general public about the ever-growing landscape of digital assets and facilitate mass adoption by covering twelve (12) key topics across the digital asset space including Investment Strategies, Asset Management, Security Tokens, Web3, Metaverse, NFT, Regulatory, Stablecoin, CBDC, DeFi, Cryptocurrencies, ESG, Impact and Social Good.

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Digital Custodian & OTC

dWealth’s mission is to provide exclusive personal services in relation to digital assets in a highly secure and fully compliant way.

We remove the complexities and technology hurdles normally associated with digital assets, meaning any non-tech savvy investors can participate and enjoy digital asset opportunities without any prior knowledge of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

dWealth is license holder of Trust and Company Service Providers in Hong Kong.

We are global partnership of Ledger Enterprise solutions since 2019.

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