AI integration is changing creature-catching games in Web3: Here’s how

Source: Cointelegraph

Web3 game featuring AI tools that redefine in-game strategy and customization is available in early access for its collectors.

With the goal of transforming creature-catching games by blending AI and Web3 technologies, AneeMate enhances interaction, ownership and community participation in the gaming world.

Few themes in the video game universe fascinate players more than magical lands populated by mythical creatures. Dominated by giants such as Pokémon, the third best-selling gaming franchises worldwide after Mario and Tetris, the genre has witnessed huge commercial success and fan loyalty.

As game developers attempted to emulate Pokémon’s triumph in the Web3 space, traditional alternatives like Palworld emerged and quickly cumulated millions of players. Offering a game model that not only entertains but also deepens participation, Web3 game developers are paving the way for a new era in creature-based games.

Creature extraction shooter with robust multiplayer elements

AneeMate, a mythical world creature extraction shooter, is poised to reinvent the nostalgia of Pokémon while bringing the best of Palworld and other creature-catching games. AneeMates are mythical creatures users will truly own, introducing magical powers, unique designs and body structures. They are designed to trigger the cute sentiment of little kitties while instilling a crippling sense of imminent danger.

Created by Cointelegraph Accelerator participant QORPO, AneeMate includes player-versus-player (PvP) mechanics, unlike previous Pokémon-like projects. The game offers a blend of exploration-focused shooter action, mission-driven narrative, role-playing game (RPG) elements and the pursuit of collecting AneeMates.

One of the features that distinguishes AneeMate from Palworld or other Pokémon-inspired games is its robust multiplayer experience. Players engage in fast-paced shooter action, tasked with transporting valuable loot to extraction zones before time runs out.

AneeMate, characterized by its unpredictable events and rapid gameplay, sends players on a quest to find loot, craft weapons from extracted valuables, battle other players and capture AneeMates. Since all this unfolds within a 30-minute window, players face a fast and thrilling game dynamic.

Beyond its dynamic action, AneeMate fosters social interaction, enabling asset trading and participation in a player-driven economy.

AneeMate also gives the most committed community members early access to its highly anticipated game. Those who own AneeMate Genesis NFTs and have completed AneeMate Sticker Books are whitelisted for early access to Hidden Islands.

Web3 games meet AI

With its innovative AI Mate integration, AneeMate simplifies navigation through games’ complex skill trees. Designed to help improve characters and creatures, AI Mate uses machine learning to learn players’ styles and provide recommendations for the most effective progression paths.

Getting started with AI Mate is simple. Players who allow AI to observe their games soon begin to receive strategic suggestions. The process ensures that all recommendations are customized and geared toward maximizing each player’s potential in-game.

Speaking about the artificial intelligence (AI) integration, Rastislav Bakala, founder and CEO of QORPO World, said:

“With AneeMate, we want to bring a highly functional and player-focused AI integration that transcends a mere AI narrative and truly delivers the best player experience possible.”

Rastislav Bakala, founder and CEO of QORPO World, said.

AI Mate, which will be part of the QORPO World and managed by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), benefits from the support of a powerful ecosystem united under the QORPO token.

Having launched semi-public early access, AneeMate plans to release the first public alpha version with AI Mate tools in late 2024.

The innovative steps taken by AneeMate reveal that the combination of Web3 technologies and AI is not a temporary trend but a transformative change in the gaming world. As developers continue to explore these technologies, the way players think about interactivity, economics and community in games will also change, paving the way for a richer gaming ecosystem.

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