Hong Kong to Host Its First Green FinTech Summit

Source: Fintech News Hong Kong

In alignment with Hong Kong Green Week, set for 26 February to 2 March, Cyberport, in collaboration with Finoverse and the World Green Organisation, is set to co-host the first Green FinTech Summit.

The summit will convene over 500 financial leaders to discuss the integration of Web3 and green technology in advancing fintech, GreenTech, and green finance within the region.

Scheduled for 27 February at Cyberport, the summit will feature more than 30 experts from diverse fields including ESG investment, carbon trading, and sustainable blockchain applications. These discussions aim to foster research, collaboration, and sustainable global development.

Keynote speakers include Joseph Chan, Under Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury, Georgina Lok from the Hong Kong Monetary Authority, and Anthony Wong from the Securities and Future Commission, alongside industry leaders from Northern Trust, XTCC/ZERO13, STACS, and the Hong Kong Green Finance Association.

The event will explore topics such as tokenising the environment through green bonds and digital assets, green finance’s journey towards net zero, and the future role of Hong Kong in the global green fintech landscape.

The summit also includes startup pitches, demonstrating the latest in fintech solutions from several Cyberport startups such as Diginex, a blockchain reporting tool, YoujiVest, a platform for climate risk and ESG solutions, and Blue Onion, a sustainable development fund platform.

This summit marks a significant step towards integrating green finance with technological innovation, underpinning Hong Kong’s commitment to sustainable development.

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