Pantera Capital to Raise $1 Billion Capital For Its New Crypto Fund

Source: CoinGape

After weathering the crypto winter of 2022, this fundraising effort by Pantera Capital is poised to be its largest-ever allowing exposure to several asset class.

Story Highlights

  • The new Pantera Fund would provide investors exposure across different asset classes.
  • Qualified institutional investors need to make an investment of minimum $1 million.
  • Pantera scoops good amount of SOL supply in recent FTX sale.

Pantera Capital, a major player in the digital assets management space, is currently in the process of raising over $1 billion for its latest crypto fund. This fund aims to offer investors exposure to a diverse range of blockchain assets, providing opportunities across the broader crypto landscape.

The ‘All-In-One’ Pantera Fund V

As reported by Bloomberg, the Pantera Fund V would function as an all-in-one fund offering investors exposure across multiple asset classes such as multi-stage tokens, startup equity, liquid tokens, as well as other assets.

If successful, this would be the largest capital raised by Pantera after the crypto winter of 2022, which saw major bankruptcies and scandals. As a result until the last year of 2023, the fund managers had major trouble raising funds.

However, as the market opens up with the participation of big players like BlackRock and the launch of the spot Bitcoin ETF, the crypto funds are bouncing back with a ray of optimism. Along with Pantera, other crypto market players are also looking to raise funds. Earlier this month, Paradigm announced its plans to raise $850 million.

According to a confidential source, Pantera Capital’s upcoming fund is likely to match the size of its previous fund, which amassed approximately $1.25 billion around two years ago. Led by Dan Morehead, an experienced Bitcoin investor who previously held an executive position at Julian Robertson’s Tiger Management, Pantera Capital is preparing to launch its new fund.

Qualified investors will be required to make a minimum investment of $1 million, with the initial closing scheduled for April 1, 2025. Limited partners will have to commit a minimum of $25 million, as outlined in the document.

Acquiring Solana Tokens

In another development, Pantera Capital has managed to acquire additional Solana tokens in the recent sale from FTX.

Pantera Capital has recently procured an additional tranche of Solana (SOL) tokens through the ongoing asset liquidation process of the FTX bankruptcy estate. This acquisition is part of a series of auctions orchestrated to manage the liquidation of assets belonging to the now-defunct cryptocurrency exchange FTX.

According to a source with knowledge of the transaction who requested anonymity, the sale involved approximately 2,000 SOL tokens. Reports suggest that the Solana tokens fetched a higher price compared to those sold in previous auctions, indicating a potential surge in interest in the asset despite its initial association with FTX. While the exact price per token in this auction was not disclosed, it is known to have surpassed the $60 mark at which previous sales occurred.

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