RD Technologies, HashKey Exchange, Allinpay Exploring Stablecoin Integration

Source: Fintech News Hong Kong

RD Technologies announced its intent to collaborate with the Hong Kong licensed virtual assets trading platform, HashKey Exchange, and financial payment company Allinpay International.

This partnership is focused on exploring the integration of stablecoins into payment services, aiming to enhance the functionality and efficiency of online and offline transactions.

The trio is set to explore various applications of stablecoins in both online and offline payment transactions, leveraging their collective expertise in digital currency trading, merchant network establishment, and innovative stablecoin development.

RD Technologies has highlighted that their collaboration with HashKey Exchange and Allinpay International will leverage the distinctive strengths of each partner. These include secure digital currency trading services, a wide-ranging merchant acceptance network, and cutting-edge stablecoin development technologies.

The objective is to leverage these strengths to facilitate the use of stablecoins in various payment scenarios, potentially improving transaction speeds, reducing fees, and expanding the market reach.

“We are thrilled to embark on this strategic collaboration with Allinpay International and RD Technologies, which is set to significantly advance the global promotion and adoption of digital currencies, offering users more convenient and secure digital financial services.”

Livio Weng, CEO of HashKey Exchange and COO of HashKey Group, remarked.

“In this upcoming collaboration, RD Technologies is exploring the potential launch of a Hong Kong Dollar stablecoin, HKDR, which will be the cornerstone as we join forces with HashKey Exchange and Allinpay International to develop and integrate our respective technologies and resources.”

Rita Liu, Chief Executive Officer, RD Technologies said.

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